About Juelz

About Juelz
See a 6’2” approximately 200lb black male running south on Vernon Street in Harrisburg’s south Allison Hill area overlooking the Pennsylvania State Capitol? Well, Vernon Street is the street where I wrote my book, In My Eyes -- and it’s the same street where I grew up as a child.

Hello, my name is Julian Davenport. Good friends call me “Juelz”. Sometimes I wear a hoodie. Sometimes my pants sag. I prefer my music loud, profane, and with lots of bass. I have a certified skill at rolling medically-approved homemade “cigarettes” in 60 seconds or less, but ironically no higher education degree.

Gifted with a natural love of writing, I was never a great student. You might say I would easily fit the statistically archetypical by-product of a struggling single Mom and a disengaged, frequently incarcerated father. An at-risk kid, yes -- but a reluctant caricature, largely left by institutions and circumstances to be raised more by the loveless code of the street than tony choice schools, with no privileged nepotistic opportunities or appropriately refined etiquette to grease the way.

Convinced by veteran street mentors, a self-maximizing choice against poverty and squalor made the allure of fast cash irresistible. Unfortunately, those activities were not appreciated by The State. My successful entrepreneurial career as an independent South American chemical distributor for needy self-medicators was abruptly cut short and exchanged for frugal free room and board at a secure, gated community of like minds.

Prison is a bad, bad place. The Pen can, however, provide useful time for seriously deep reflection. On one humid hot summer night, long after my release, I leaned back shirtless on the cool porch steps at home to consider the wild but not uncommon confluence of contributors that led to my revolving door of crime and punishment, prosperity and despair. While watching winged moths do their dizzying death dance in urine-colored sodium vapor glare, it occured to me that others might benefit from my life’s laborious lessons learned. I decided to compile both past poetry and write fresh works about living in the trap as a cathartic attempt to heal my emotional wounds. “In My Eyes” born on the cold concrete steps of Vernon street -- a proud Pennsylvania original.

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Milton Hershey "MLK" DREAM POEM

  •   1/17/2021 09:42 AM

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Patriot News front page article


Juelz front page article with Patriot Newspaper

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Milton Hershey School "MY SOCIETY" workshops


Juelz visit at the Milton Hershey School

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The Poetry Market E-zine


This is a review of my 1st collection of poetry titled "In My Eyes" by the Poetry E-zine

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Black Excellence in Central Pa: Local poet uses past experiences as way to better the youth


During Black History month, PennLive is paying tribute to the people who are helping shape what will someday be the history of the Black community in Central Pennsylvania.

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The Burg Magazine feature


This was one of Juelz features in The Burg Magazine Harrisburg PA

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Mairin Egge:Artist/Project Coordinator

I invited Juelz Davenport to visit one of my programming sites as a guest artist for a day. The purpose of the visit was to expose the students to an artist in their community and to gain appreciation for expression through writing. It was evident that Juelz was comfortable speaking in front of a group, sharing his story and connecting with the students. Making an influence, Juelz was generous enough to give each student a copy of his book to take home and many of the students expressed they felt encouraged to start their own expressive writing.

Mairin Egge

Abigail Eggert:Hershey Middle School Teacher

In addition to being a talented poet, one of Juelz's greatest strengths lies in his interactions with young people. He has an intuition that allows him to identify which students need his attention the most, and the transformation seen in some of these students has truly been amazing.

Abigail Eggert

Patty Kim:Pennsylvania State Representative

Julian is a remarkably talented man who puts his raw emotions and painful experiences on paper, leaving his readers charged up and inspired by his poetic tales of the urban experience. I hope his gifts will encourage others to learn, leave their old ways behind and push forward to a better life.

Patty Kim

Jennifer Hendry:Library Media Specialist for 31 years

I am writing to recommend Juelz Davenport as a poet and presenter for teen programs. Juelz poetry speaks to students and his presentation style is professional, yet student friendly. He has experience working with public and private schools and has developed writing workshops to complement poetry events. Juelz can inspire writers because he speaks about his life experience and how it has inspired him to write poetry. His friendly, energetic and real approach keeps a captive audience. Juelz writes poetry for all ages, as he has done readings for preschool and elementary students all the way up to high school. I highly recommend Juelz for any poetry events or workshops you might be planning. Sincerely, Jennifer Hendry Library Media Specialist

Jennifer Hendry

SANDY BOWEN:Cumberland County Children And Youth Services

I wanted to take a moment to send you a very sincere and heartfelt thank you for taking the time to talk with our youth at the Annual Independent Living Symposium on June 21, 2013. I was amazed at how you captivated the attention of the teens (and adults too). I have never seen them so attentive to a speaker as they were with you. I appreciate your willingness to talk with our youth about the struggles in your own life and how you overcame the roadblocks and adversities to become a success. I received a ton of positive comments regarding your presentation. Just a few of the comments were: Juelz message was one of hope and encouragement Juelz showed me that anyone can rise above their past No matter how far into a bad situation you are, you can get our of it. Can Juelz come back again and talk? You certainly do have a way with reaching out and touching other people's lives. I wish you continued success in your endeavors to help facilitate positive change in the lives of young people. Again, a huge thank you for a very well presented program. I look forward to working with you again.


Nathaniel Gadsden:Writers Workshop

I am writing this letter of reference for Poet, Julian Davenport, a young man that I have great respect for. Julian has worked with me in the After-School Explorer Program of the Harrisburg School District, and the Reader Are Leaders program of the Camp Curtin YMCA. In addition to these two on-going projects, Julian has also presented to the Dauphin County Human Services, Children and Youth Division. He was very well received by the young people in these programs. He has a way of "keeping it real" without being "Ghetto" as some are prone to do when addressing today's youth. Julian is perfect example of a young man that "gets it." He has made his share of mistakes and has payed dearly for it. He is also someone who has taken his mistakes and lifted himself up, by taking full responsiblity for his life. He has written his first book of poetry, and is working on a CD, that speaks to the struggles of our youth today. What I like about his work is that he tells if from his perspective, but is mindful that what he says has power. I had the pleasure of taking Julian and another poet to the 2011 Celebration of Black Writing in Philadelphia, PA, and the 2011 Harlem book fair, in Harlem, New York. I could clearly see that he was excited about the opportunity to display his craft, and grow through experience. I look forward to a long relationship with this fine young talent, who has a bright future helping develop the minds of our youth.

Nathaniel Gadsden

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