What inspires you to write?

01 Mar

What inspired you to start writing? 

Why does a person write I mean what makes them open the laptop or pick up the pen even scribble notes on a torn piece of paper or post a status on the internet? We live our lives with so much to say so many opinions and ideas being trafficked through our minds. Most of us just keep those explosive thoughts inside because it's safe we don't want to sound dumb or politically incorrect so we choose to suffer in silence. Or maybe somethings are best unsaid. Speaking your truth can open up a big can of, well who knows if you never choose to do or say anything. 

Yes! You could most definitely offend someone by voicing your opinion but you can also liberate someone, what a double edged sword!!! Either way in most circumstances communication is key. Not all of us are blessed to be able to communicate our thoughts and opinions verbally. It may come off so brilliantly in our heads but when it comes out of our mouth it's a pure mess. I am one of those people, let's just say I am better with a pen than speaking with my words in some situations. For me personally it gives me a chance to really channel in on the most effective things to say. Sometimes when in the moment it's easy to say to much or try and overcompensate when really your point is simple. Writing provides me with a platform to funnel my thoughts and creatively say the things I want to say more directly with less interference if that makes sense. 

I wanted to answer the question, What inspired you to start writing? I just want to give my readers a little more insight on why I started writing.The younger version of me had questions and no matter what, the younger version of me wanted answers! Oblivious to normal and abnormal I lived my childhood like anyone else. I lived in a household with my mother and two brothers no father insight. As I grew I noticed other children with their fathers and I started asking questions, eventually that led to a visit with my own father. I was so excited, up until around the age of 9 I had never seen my father face to face so visiting him meant the world to me. My father was incarcerated a majority of my childhood so that was the reason for his absence. After meeting him it kind of changed my whole perspective on everything. 

How did this meeting lead young Juelz to the pen and the pad?

Up until this point I had only spoken briefly through collect calls. The visit made me want to get to know him a little better. One day after bugging my mother to find ways to communicate with him she came up with the solution that would stick with me until this day. Pen, pad envelopes and stamps. This became my voice, I was an angry child and acted out because of it and a lot of it had to do with not having my father around. Once I was able to communicate within my control I learned to love writing. I was able to say what I wanted and no-one could edit my thoughts it was freedom. My father was my first Pen Pal and ever since those days of pen paling my father writing has been my number one tool of communication. 

My message to anyone holding it in afraid to speak out, take things into your own hands and pick up a pen or even your phone and write or type whatever is on the inside don't let it eat you alive. You have no idea how great it feels just to let it out write it see it let it go. I look at writing as therapeutic I love it no one has to see what your writing or your can show the world it is all up to you! 

I hope your inspired 

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