Unlock the transformative power of words with this captivating poetry presentation. Hear the inspiring journey of a real published poet Discover how writing helped him through difficult times Learn to create your own impactful, empowering poetry Understand the profound impact words can have on your life Step into the shoes of Juelz, a young man who found solace and strength in the written word. From his early days discovering a passion for poetry to his time incarcerated, writing was his constant companion. Now, he shares his story and teaches others to harness the incredible power of language. By the end of this presentation, you'll be equipped with the tools to express yourself through poetry and unlock your true potential. This is a must-attend event for aspiring writers, poetry enthusiasts, and anyone seeking to deepen their connection with the written word. Prepare to be Inspired, Motivated, and empowered/entertained by the transformative journey of "Words Have Power."

  • Category: Business
  • Duration: 01:15 Hours
  • Address: Pennsylvania, USA (Map)